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Water Damage Restoration


Controlling the Source: Once the source has been eliminated, our certified technicians will use state of the art commercial extraction equipment to remove moisture from floors and carpeting, while containing the damage to as small an area as possible


Drying: Special industrial drying and dehumidification equipment will provide maximum drying capabilities for dwelling occupants. 


Disinfecting Treatment: All affected areas are treated with an EPA registered antimicrobial to kill odor causing bacteria, including mildew, and eliminating potential health problems.


Final Cleaning: Use of truck mounted extraction cleaning equipment to remove residues and soil, our units deliver the utmost in cleaning efficiency.


Until we arrive:



-Use your home vacuum

-Walk on carpet/floors more than necessary

-Put newspapers on floor

-Use any electrical appliance in affected areas



-Turn on dwelling furnace air handler

-Turn off electricity in affected area

-Remove small furniture pieces

-Place foil under furniture legs

-Pin up draperies

-Remove staining objects from carpet

-Relax, trained certified specialists are on the way

Before: Large water damage in commercial buliding.

After: Dried out to industry standards,repairs in progress...

Before: Standing water, damage to contents from falling ceiling.

After: Under constrution...

Before: Standing water....

After: Ready to move contents back in

Before: Damage from over head water flow from burst pipe

After: Repairs fininshed!!