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"Mystery" Spots

February 21, 2018

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Spotting Safety

January 29, 2018


       Ninety percent of all spots on carpet can be removed with a mild detergent if acted on immediately (within a few minutes).  Since it would take a fleet of Supermen to respond that fast, that leaves you as the only defense against permanent stains around your home.

     If you're going to use the spotters necessary to keep your carpet looking beautiful through the years,you'd better be aware of some basic precautions, which apply to all spotting agents.

    Store chemicals in a cool area away from food products and well out of the reach of children. Keep the product in its original container so that label directions can be referenced. Then read the directions before using! Protect your skin and eyes from direct contact with spotters, especially dry-cleaning solvents. Should contact occur, flush immediately with clear water. Remember, dry-solvent fumes may be toxic, so provide plenty of ventilation. Use only enough spotter to "wet-out" affected face yarns. Excess use of dry solvent, for example, can destroy or swell latex or foam rubber backings.

    Dry solvents may be flammable-never use them near a flame, electrical outlet or while smoking and don't mix chemicals unless specified by the label. Particularly, avoid mixing bleaches and spotters, since highly toxic fumes may result. In fact, chlorine bleach should never be used on any fabric which can't be rinsed in the washing machine, since delayed bleaching effects are common. Also, dishwashing liquids containing lanolin get the spot, but soil will be attracted to the residue and the spot will reappear time and again. Be sure to rinse or dry one spotter before proceeding with a second.

    Whenever you have a problem with a particular spot or stain, don't hesitate to call us for advice at 704-864-0455. We may not be able to work miracles, but we are the experts since 1975!





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