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Worn Out?...

January 22, 2018


     After discussing fiber characteristics and discovering that nylon is generally your best option, let's consider fiber-wear factors. 

    Originally, color, brightness and bulk attracted you to your "special" carpet. When new, the fiber's beauty was maximized by light reflected from its smooth, lustrous, colorful surface.

     Dirt You Don't See

    Unforturnately, due to traffic, children, pets and maintenance procedures, fibers inevitably become soiled, and a dull appearance results. Problem is, most homeowners wait years too long before serious soil removal begins. Meanwhile, fibers experience not only the build-up of dulling soils, but also substantial abrasion, caused by particles of soil at the fiber's base (remember, it's the dirt you don't see that does the damage). This results in permanently dulled appearance- repeat, permanently and irreversible! It's sort of like taking a clear sheet of plastic and rubbing it with sand paper. No matter how clean you get it, it still looks dull and dingy, because reflected light is now considerably diffused. 

    This condition is called "shading," and even when cleaned, shaded carpet never returns to its original brightness and beauty.


    What's the solution? Really, it's a matter of common sense. You wouldn't use dishes daily without regular washing, would you... you wouldn't wear a garment for months without periodic cleaning, would you? Similarly, your carpet can only take so much wear and tear before it must be cleaned. Logical enough?...

    Give us a call we'll get someone to evaluate your soil-removal problems! Carolina Cleaning Network - the cleaning experts since 1975!






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