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November 28, 2017

 Fiber Facts


  What homeowner hasn't shopped a favorite carpet retailer and

been bewildered at the array of colors, styles, textures and fibers.

The problem's compounded by glowing descriptions hailing the

advantages of one type carpet over another.

    I won't pretend to provide information on matters of personal preference. Fibers, however, I do know something about, since I deal with them daily...long after the sale.

    So,what's the best fiber? That question is best answered with a quick examination of the types available.

    Wool-Though not very lustrous, wool wears well and hides soil even better. The chief drawback is that it stains easily and is expensive--not a wise choice for the average home with youngsters and pets!

    Polyester-The miracle fiber of the 70s, polyester, is hard to stain and wears well. However, traffic changes its texture so that entry areas look worn prematurely.

    Acrylic- Promoted as "the synthetic substitute for wool," acrylic looks like wool but is highly stain resistant. Drawbacks are twofold:first,nap-reversal causes traffic areas to stand out vividly. Second, due to non-resiliency, furniture on acrylic creates permanent impressions... Disaster!

    Olefin (polypropylene,etc.)-Olefin resists staining and cleans easily. Like acrylic, however, there are problems with nap-reversal in traffic areas and impressions under furniture.

    Nylon- Last year, 74.9% of carpet fiber was nylon. I could close with that, but let's look at the reasons why. First, nylon wears better than any fiber, including wool. Second, nylon cleans well and is stained only by certain dyes. A three-year-old with a cup of Kool-Aid can quickly spot-dye nylon carpet (unless its the "new generation," stain-resistant nylon). Coffee, tea, cola, grease-no problem. Finally, nylon bounces back even after being crushed years, i.e., it really holds its original appearance for quite some time. 

    Still have question? A reputable retailer has more information to make your final decisions yield dividends for years to come!





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