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Rugs of the World

   "The craft of weaving rugs is one of the most ancient of the world. There are references to it in the Old Testament of the Bible and even in Homer's Iliad; the oldest known carpet in existence, the Pazyryk carpet found in the mountains of Siberia, is probably about 2,500 years old.

   More than any other craft or art form, the handmade rug, whether from one of the great carpet making areas of the Orient or from the Indian tribes of North America, has survived the onslaught of industrialization and is now in grater demand than ever. The importance and beauty of antique Oriental carpets have been long understood, an understanding which is now reflected in the immense sums which the finest pieces can command at auction. But there are many other types of carpet-many of them modern-which deserve the attention of expert and general reader alike." (Bennett,I. Rugs & Carpets of the World)

Above top: detail of an exceptionally large Moghul floral and medallion carpet based on a Persian vase carpet. Period of Shah Fehan. Ex-Kevorkian Collection, now private collection, London. (pg 131)

Above bottom: Moghul carpet with directional design of single shrubs. Lahore, period of Shah Fehan, first halfof the 17th century. Kevorkian Collection, now Mertopolitan Museum of Arts, New York. (Bennett, I. Rugs & Carpets of the World)

Above: Small Ushak medallion carpet. First half of the 17th century.(pg 111)(Bennett,I. Rugs & Carpets of the World)

Above: Floral Herat rug of the Isfahan type, late 17th or early 18th century. (pg 70) (Bennett,I. Rugs & Carpets of the World)

Reference: Rugs & Carpets of the World/ Copyright 1977 Quarto Limited