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What Does "Clean"Mean?...

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Ever heard the saying "When pricing goods or services, be sure you're comparing apples to apples?" So it is when selecting a carpet cleaner. Frequently, you see ads for cleaning specials, most of which seem too good to be true... Usually, they're JUST that! Therefore, your decision's made easier if you know the five basic steps involved in quality cleaning.

 First- prevacuuming with a heavy-duty unit. "Why can't I vacuum my own carpet and skip this step?" you say. First, the cleaner's vacuum should be more powerful than yours, and second, he should know where the most destructive soils reside. Obviously, he should also know the best techniques for removing these soils. Since the average carpet contains 55% abrasive soil, if it's not removed during cleaning, carpet fibers become dingy and ultimately may be destroyed due to abrasive wear.

Second- preconditioning chemical application. Usually, soil accumlates in carpet over several years. To suggest that it's possible to spray on a cleaning solution and vaccum out instantly- suspended soil is sheer over-simplification. Often, home owners complain about the "faded" or dingy traffic area from the den to the kitchen, even after cleaning is completed. Usually, that's not fading; it's remaining soil which never was properly suspended during the preconditioning phase.

Third- rinsing (extraction) of the soil. Just as your hair or clothing require rinsing of soil and excess detergent, so also carpet fibers must be thoroughly rinsed. Of course, this is why "steam" (extraction) cleaning is the only method recommended by most carpet manufacturers - NO RESIDUE.

Fourth- finishing. This involves using a specialized brush, comb or rake to set the carpet's pile for best appearance and minimum distoration while drying. It's also essential for uniform distribution of after treatments, such as deodorants or carpet protectors.

 Fifth- drying. A conscientious cleaner is extremely concerned about speeding up drying. Not only does damp carpet provide a perfect enviromnent for mildew and growth, but it's also a major source of inconvenience for you and your family.

    Well, there you have it. That's what "clean" means! If you don't get all five, you don't get the quality we think you deserve. So give us a call at 704-864-0455 Carolina Cleaning Network - EXPERTS SINCE 1975!

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