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Cleaning your area rugs preserves their beauty and extends their life.


Even though your area rug looks clean, normal settling of dust is abrasive and will shorten the life of your rug. Regular cleaning is necessary to protect your investment and help it last for generations. Carolina Cleaning Network takes the steps required for a thorough cleaning:

Vacuum, dusting and dry soil removal: Dry soil accounts for a large percentage of rug soiling, and dry, sandy soils can cut the rug fibers and shorten the life of your rug. 

Material analysis: Testing color fastness and identifying fiber and construction type is our second step. We use only the finest in gentle wool fiber cleaning agents to loosen oily soils, spills and ground-in soils. 

Hand Washing: We use pH cleaners designed especially for wool fabrics and the fibers are rinsed clean and free of detergents and residue. Excess water is removed during this step and rugs are prepared for the drying room. We use state-of-the-art Moore rug washing equipment for maximum soil and moisture removal. 


Our modern drying room: Using an automated poll hoist system lifts rugs into the ceiling for full length drying, in controlled temperatures, humidity, and airflow. 


Hand finishing: After drying we take the rugs down and the fringe is hand cleaned and combed. Rugs are re-inspected for stains or problem areas. Touch-up cleaning is available if necessary. 

Moth retardants and topical protectants such as DuPont Teflon and 3M Brand Scotchgard™ are available for an additional charge.


Rugs are bagged in special brown paper wrap to protect them from re-soiling or moisture. Rugs can be immediately reused or stored in this condition.

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